Monetization Strategy - Waves Ducks Game

Waves Ducks game is an amazing incentive to get unique NFT digital ducks in the Waves ecosystem. Many people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard to make their dreams come true. Waves ducks will help me to make my dreams come true with huge profits. In this article, I will explain my monetization strategy for Waves Ducks.


  • First of all, it is very important to have $EGG tokens in our wallets. I earned $EGG by participating in different game rounds. For the early game players, it was an easy thing to get $EGG from rounds.
  • Now, as the number of participants has been increased, it becomes difficult to get EGG from rounds. You can also buy EGG from the


  • I plan to buy more ducks, mostly those ones whose genes are supposed to become rarer after the upcoming DIP. Becoming a duck trader by buying fewer and more rare ducks at a fair price from the marketplace.
  • Later I can use these ducks for various purposes like selling ducks at a higher price OR use for Duck Rebirth and get rewards like a free duck from the incubator, a free perch, or a special jackpot duck, Phoenix.


  • For farming of ducks, a perch is needed and then we can put NFT digital ducks in it to farm ducks. By farming, I can get a lot of $EGG. Farming is very useful to get more eggs and useful if you want more ducks or to provide liquidity in SWOP.
  • Ducks of more rarity will produce more $EGG. Ducks with a higher rarity will bring you more Eggs from farming. Farming is a passive income. I am trying to get as many $EGG as possible so that I can financially become independent.


I will hold $EGG tokens because the potential of the project is huge. Waves Ducks is a Waves-based project founded by the Waves team It is a great thing that the value of $EGG is increasing despite the falling crypto market and the increasing number of people participating in the game. We can hold it to the moon!


My next strategy will be to create an airdrop round of $EGG for everyone especially for my friends so that they can also participate in the Waves Ducks game. It will develop a strong community thereby increasing the value of EGG. As the market will be developed, the demand and price of eggs will increase.


A duck that has already been used for breeding and is therefore sterile and isn’t suitable for a farm. Therefore, I am waiting for the Rebirth option. It will enable users to take a risk and, instead of a useless duck, get rewards like a free duck from the incubator, a free perch, or a special jackpot duck, Phoenix.


My main strategy is to refer as many friends as possible to increase the exposure of Wavesducks. The referrer will receive 5% of all EGG tokens spent by the referral on hatching ducks in the incubator or purchasing perches. Relax and let the Waves Ducks make your income!

To get the game’s news and updates, follow the Waves Protocol Twitter and join the Duck Hunters chat!

That's all for my Waves Ducks monetization strategy. Thank you for reading!

Written by: M Tahir, Twitter: @M_Tahir23

Article writer. Crypto trader. Twitter: @M_Tahir23